Round table “Roma Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Perspectives”

Release date: 02.12.2016.
image_0_02_05_3a407e26cebc13e27bd4b0fc3c819440d7824b9d62f7ee12b6968eb9e6854b2c_V.jpg On 2 December 2016, Institute for Territorial Economic Development (InTER) and YUROM Centre organized a round table in Niš within the project “Roma Entrepreneurship: Challenges and Perspectives”, financed by the Open Society Institute from Budapest. At the round table, there were around 20 participants from different institutions supporting entrepreneurship development and dealing with Roma inclusion, as well as several Roma entrepreneurs. Results of the research on Roma entrepreneurship were presented at the round table, and recommendations were discussed about the improvement of this area. Research findings will also be presented at the conference on Roma entrepreneurship on 15 December in Belgrade.


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