On the road to EU integrations - improving legal and institutional framework of PPP in Serbia

Date start: 02.04.2018.
Front_07.jpg The contemporary way of life is characterised by constant demands of citizens for the construction and modernization of public infrastructure and the improvement of the quality of public services, especially at the local level. Bearing in mind the budgetary constraints, there is a need to seek new modalities for better efficiency of public service provision and financing of projects of public importance, where public-private partnerships and concessions are becoming more and more important. Public-Private Partnership (PPP) represents long-term cooperation between the public and the private sector in the joint implementation of projects of public importance. This form of cooperation should combine the best on both sides - the responsibility of the government that takes care of the public interest, as well as the management skills, flexibility and economy of the private sector. The basic elements of the PPP concept are a clear allocation of responsibilities, risk sharing and long-term partnership duration. PPP allows each partner to take the risk they can manage in the most adequate way, thus achieving greater efficiency in the use of public resources and better quality of services. The study "On the road to EU integrations - improving legal and institutional framework of PPP in Serbia" was developed with the support of the Open Society Foundation of Serbia through the Improvement of Democratic Practices and Institutions Program. The study provides a comprehensive overview of legal regulations and the role of institutions at the national, provincial and local levels in planning, contracting, implementing and monitoring PPP projects. The study also provides an overview of PPP projects, both proposed and contracted. The study also addressed the issue of transparency in the PPP process. In the end, the final provisions and recommendations for improving the system of functioning of PPP in Serbia are given.